• Image of Cotton Club

This piece is a tribute to the showgirls and chorus girls of the 1920's Jazz age Cotton Club. Their motto for their dancers were "Tall Tan & Terrific”. Although the club was legendary for it’s all star black lineup of Jazz greats, it was a white only crowd, chorus girls had to pass the “brown paper bag test” to be light enough to be accepted as entertainment, and many of the numbers were jungle or savage themed. Despite the Cotton Club’s racist undertones, the club set the bar high for African American themed revues all over the country. I was inspired by the great Harlem Renaissance artist Aaron Douglas for some of the imagery. If you are not familiar with his work please treat yourself to it..

Fine art prints. Part of my "30 days of Burlesque" project Another installment of my month long "One art a day" art experiments.
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$35 8x8 white matted art (art window size 5x5)
$75 12 x 12 signed canvas print. Shipped in poster tube.
$250 20 x 20 signed oversized canvas textured print limited to 20 Shipped in poster tube.
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"Burlesque" Art watermark not included.